Code of Conduct
The club aims to bring together like-minded individuals to gain the benefits of club organization and companionship with the minimum of formality. A healthy club depends on active members and fresh ideas and new members are always welcome. Mountaineering/ walks can be enjoyed by most people at levels to suit their particular needs, thought should be given though to issues that affect themselves and others.

Our Organized Walks are described merely as 'organized', because they are not 'guided' or lead. If you feel the need for a professional guide to take responsibility for you then we recommend you use one of the many professional groups offering this service.  All members are expected to contribute to the running of the club by assisting with events as their experience permits.
Anyone participating in non-professional activities anywhere in the world, such as walks or scrambles (whether organized by a company, club, university or even a friend) has a legal commitment to all involved. This commitment to others should therefore be at the heart of your decision to join a particular Organized Walk, whilst also forming the basis of your behaviour during that particular excursion.

We encourage you to focus independently on your own preparations regarding your safety and those within your party. You should be aware of basic mountain safety measures, which should be undertaken by anyone preparing for a day in the mountains, especially when walking in a group, where your actions, inaction, lack of preparedness (fitness, clothing, food etc) could compromise your safety as well as the safety of the other people in that group. Note that poor preparation is the cause of most accidents and dramas.
There is no payment for LMC Organized Walks; they are organized on a goodwill basis. Our Walks Organizers are not qualified guides, just other members who have volunteered to coordinate a route and you join them entirely at your own risk and you also need to ensure you are adequately prepared and fit to participate to avoid inconveniencing or even endangering others. Seek more detail from the organizer if you wish to satisfy yourself as to suitability of any particular event.

Our Organized Walks take place in a sociable and informal atmosphere but you are encouraged not to join one unless you are certain it is within your physical capabilities. The organizer has designed the walk to return at a reasonable time and whilst unforeseen events can delay return it is not fair to spoil the day for others by not being able to maintain a reasonable pace or being inadequately equipped. Children are welcome on the walks but if under the age of 18 years a guardian, who takes full responsibility for their safety and behaviour, must accompany them.

Bear in mind that somebody else's opinion of a walk is subjective - it is their opinion, not your knowledge. Try to acquaint yourself independently with the proposed route using the relevant map to help you decide that it is suitable for your level of fitness and experience.
If you take medication for any self regulated health condition it is advisable to inform another member of the party of in case of an incident where that information may prove relevant.
As a result of the minimal annual club subscription, the club cannot sustain insurance of any kind. Members are advised to have their own cover in place in case of personal injury/ lost income/ health insurance and other such insurance requirements.

That anyone deciding to leave the party at any point should announce this to the Organiser before doing so.
That everyone is encouraged to follow the course and progress of the route on their map backing up the Organiser  and also taking the opportunity to gain experience themselves.
That nobody should hesitate to ask if they need to rest at any point.
That everyone owes a 'duty of care' to each other, not just the organiser.
In the event of an accident, the Organiser will act in a way they deem safest to offer assistance to any injured parties, whilst expecting the assistance of similarly experienced members of the party.
That, if it is the first time the Organiser has done the particular route, the party understands this and it is therefore an 'adventure' for all involved.
If you need to take a comfort break ensure someone else knows you are doing so to ensure you are subsequently accounted for.

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