The name of the Club shall be Longridge Mountaineering Club. (LMC)

The object of the club is to promote the interests of walking and scrambling amongst members of the Club and to provide an opportunity for members of the Club to meet and participate in walking, scrambling and social activities together.

Guests will be welcome to join in group activities or events, however permission should be sought from the organiser, who will reserve the right to deny participation, or insist on prior membership. Where attendance numbers are limited priority will always be given to members.
Persons may attend Club events as guests of members for a maximum of 4 events in any one Club year
Subscription consisting of £3.00 single and £5.00 family, or joint, membership (to include children up to and at the age of 17) is payable on becoming a member and thereafter on the date of each A.G.M
Membership may be withdrawn at the discretion of the committee.
Any organiser has the right to refuse to take anyone whom they consider not appropriately equipped, prepared or fit.

The Committee comprising; Co-ordinator and Treasurer will manage the Club. They shall be responsible for reporting to the Membership at the Club's AGM. Members may be co-opted at the discretion of the committee to assist in the running of the club.
An A.G.M. will be held in October 2007 and each first Wednesday in October; thereafter to elect the committee members and approve the accounts
The Club, or any organiser, official, etc. is not in any way liable for any personal accident or damage to person or property during any Club event, providing gross negligence is not involved. Members are responsible for ensuring they understand what events entail and that they have appropriate skills, equipment and stamina to safely undertake them.

This constitution shall be amended only at A.G.M. meetings or at an E.G.M. called for this purpose.

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